The Harbors

Although it may be a difficult reality to face, many of us will eventually need assistance with daily living, memory care, or skilled nursing care. While evaluating different retirement communities, it is important to consider what our options will be if and when we need long-term care.

Easing Transitions

At The Admiral at the Lake, we understand that the greatest sources of stress for a person who is experiencing difficulties related to advanced age is having to change their environment, primary caregivers, and having extremely limited control over their lives. As needs change, Admiral residents have access to higher levels for comprehensive, uninterrupted service. The Harbors is a cluster of neighborhoods for residents with similar long-term healthcare needs in a familiar environment with people they know and trust.

On-Site Long-Term Care

To ensure that Admiral residents live enriched, fulfilling lives at every stage of life, The Harbors provides Admiral residents with the following healthcare services when they are needed and for as long as they are needed:

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