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Independent Living

Beauty Everywhere

You’re connected to the world around you, part of the city and nature. From golden sunsets on a terrace to a resident’s art show with a glass of wine, your senses are engaged.

A Better Life

Tower & Garden Residences

The Admiral is a beautiful custom residence with the amenities of a fine hotel supported by an expert team. We are an engaged community of friends and neighbors. We are a non-profit and resident driven, and constantly evolving based on the lives our residents want.

The thing we hear the most often from new residents in their first few months is “I had no idea, I wouldn’t want to go back to before we lived here”.

Living Independence

The term Independent Living sometimes gets a bad rap. That it’s a retreat or giving in to something.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Independence is about freedom. The freedom to focus on your life, released from many of life’s competing priorities and hassles. Your time can be focused on the people and things you love.

Custom Homes

Spacious modern apartments in the heart of our amazing city. Supported by services and an expert team so you can focus on enjoying your life. Choose from 45 different floor plans that you can customize and create the perfect home. From expansive three bedrooms to surprisingly attainable one bedrooms.

Your daily wants & needs included.

  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Private patio or balcony
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Washer and dryer
  • On-site storage
  • Interior and exterior maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency response system
  • Security of all buildings and grounds
  • Controlled entry access
  • Cable TV
  • Housekeeping
  • Multiple zone heating
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electric and water
  • Wireless, high-speed internet
Senior couple in Chicago

Be connected to the people and places you love.

Plated meal

From scratch cooking and the freshest ingredients.

Resident reads to boy

Learning and sharing new experiences.

A focus on wellness.

Feeling Connected

The people around us offer us the opportunity of a full and joyful life.

An Open Culture

Being around people you connect with makes life better. Whether you’re sharing a meal, laughing over drinks, or walking down the street, you want to do that with people you relate to and respect.

Our shared values make us stronger, we respect diversity, a passion for learning, a commitment to being our best, and a dedication to make the world a better place.

Care Considered

Often if someone needs extra care they suddenly find themselves a stranger in a new place at a time when they need love and support the most. We have Care & Support services in the same building. Knowing that if you need care, the same friends, neighbors, and people you’ve known for years are there for you is incredibly important. It ensures you’re living a connected life when it matters the most.

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