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Ahead of the Curve

What’s Your Timeline?

Ready to go, planning for the future, looking for help in choosing the best timing, we have options. Our residency counselors have planning information and resources to help you choose the smart timeframe and use your resources wisely.

Our residency counselors have a wealth of information about every aspect of your planning. Give us a call.

Pricing & Options

We have over 45 different floor plans with unique layouts and features. Below are independent living cost ranges for preliminary assessment. Once you select the residences you love we’ll provide specifics on each choice:

One Bedroom
$280k to $670k – entrance fee
$3.1k to $4.7k – monthly service – single
$4.3k to $5.1k – monthly service – couple

Two Bedroom
$420k to $941k – entrance fee
$4.1k to $6.4k – monthly service – single
$5.3k to $7.6k – monthly service – couple

Three Bedroom
$1.1m to $1.6m – entrance fee
$5.6k to $6.1k – monthly service – single
$6.0k to $6.5k – monthly service – couple

Entrance Fees & Estate Planning

There are three entrance fee options based on smart estate planning. Below is summary information, we can provide detailed information and planning assistance based on your goals.

90% Refundable
A great option if you want to have funds set aside to leave to others.
*Offered on all residences

50% Refundable
A balanced option allowing funds for your estate and lowering monthly costs.
*Offered on select residences

0% Refundable
A great option for the lowest monthly costs.
*Offered on select residences

2020 Savings Program

The Admiral is offering an Independent Living Residence Closing Savings Program that includes 6 months waived on the monthly service fees, downloading services and apartment upgrades.

This program has savings for a one-bedroom residence of approximately $19,600 – $36,500 and for a two-bedroom residence of approximately $35,000 – $45,250, depending on floor plan, apartment size, and single or double occupancy.

Financial Resources

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Compare Costs

This easy-to-use calculator to find out which residential plans are a preliminary financial match for your future.

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Entrance Fee | Lifecare

Your entrance fee includes Lifecare. It means your care is taken care of forever.

Care & Support

Details and pricing on Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation.

Interested in Residency?

View details and information on currently available residences.