Resident entertain in her apartment

Life at The Admiral

Our shared values and experiences connect us.

Indoors and out, we have amenities across many interests and lifestyles.

  • Concierge Services
  • 24-Hour Security and Controlled Access
  • Secure Resident and Guest Parking
  • Acres of Parkland on the Lake
  • Private Gardens
  • Rooftop Terraces
  • Meditation Room
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Formal Library
  • Resource Center
  • Dog Walk
  • Creative Arts Studio
  • Woodworking Shop
  • Movie Theater
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Wellness Center
  • Casual, Formal, and Private Dining Areas
  • 14th Floor Lounge
  • Club Room with Sun Terrace
  • Theater for Events and Performances

Engaged Living

Resident Driven

Residents are executives, managers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, designers … They’re leaders in business, politics, charities, philanthropy, community organizing…

Their stunning diversity of backgrounds and knowledge, and a deep interest in sharing help define The Admiral.

Being Connected

Residents, their families, and the staff share their experiences, knowledge, and endless curiosity about the world around them.

We value being together for all the things it brings to our lives, and for the friendships, support, and love it represents.

Senior couple in Chicago

Be connected to the people and places you love.

Plated meal

From scratch cooking and the freshest ingredients.

Resident reads to boy

Learning and sharing new experiences.

Resident works out in fitness center

A focus on wellness.

Smart Living

Reduce Expenses

Your costs are controlled. Dining on gourmet cuisine, all maintenance, utilities, and many other benefits are included in your service fee. And there are often meaningful tax deductions and strategies unique to residency at a non-profit.

Chore Free

Repairs, housework, yard work, and meal preparation are all done for you. Your time becomes focused on the things you enjoy and always wished you had more time for.

Problems Solved

Did the internet go down, does the furnace need work, or myriad of other hassles. Gone. Our team makes sure everything is always working and you are worry free.

All-In City Living

A lake shore address close to everything you need and love, free transportation, parking, a grocery store across the street. No extra costs, hassles, or headaches, just the city waiting to be explored.

An Embarrassment of Interests

What’s the best new show, concert, or opening? What gym, social club, or group should I join? Who’s the best to invite on my next adventure? Is that new book any good? What’s a great new wine?

You’re surrounded by smart and engaged people who are always exploring and sharing what they find. There is always more to learn, share, and enjoy. We hope you’ll share your world with us.

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