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Gain long-term peace of mind with Lifecare at The Admiral at the Lake

Peace of Mind with Lifecare

Lifecare is the most comprehensive retirement plan for Chicago seniors ready for independent living.

If you’re considering the relative costs and benefits of staying at home versus living at The Admiral at the Lake Lifecare community, consider the assurance of quality care, health benefits, and tax breaks before you make a decision.

Speak with a residency counselor about our lifecare program and learn more about independent senior living on Chicago’s lakefront.

What is Lifecare?

The Admiral at the Lake’s Lifecare program offers our residents peace of mind, providing health services such as assisted living, memory care support and skilled nursing over their whole lifetime.  Lifecare provides you the confidence that in the event you experience a change in health, your needs will be taken care of by a skilled and courteous staff.

The Benefits of Lifecare

If the time comes Care & Support is required, together with their physician, family, and our nursing staff we’ll develop an individualized care plan. If residents prefer not to move we have an on-site home health care agency that’s available 24/7 or residents can select any provider for assistance if they prefer to stay in their independent living residence, but need a little help with everyday activities.

Financial Management

The program entrance fee and monthly service fees are based on the size and location of the residence. Since the cost of Lifecare is included in these fees, program participants will see no unexpected health care costs. 

Estate Planning

Three different entrance fee options are available that are ideal for senior estate planning. There are 90%, 50%, and 0% refundable options to benefit the resident or their estate if they were to leave for any reason.

Long Term Care Insurance

Some long term care insurance plans can be used with Lifecare. Your long-term care insurance benefits may cover some services which will increase the amount received by your estate if you have a refundable plan.

Tax Benefits

A portion of Lifecare community entrance fees and monthly service fees may be deductible as prepaid medical expenses. A tax advisor can help you determine these benefits based on your financial profile.

Senior man signs Lifecare contract

Residents of The Admiral at the Lake with a need for assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing have priority access and preferred pricing – and all the costs are covered by Lifecare. Plus, care and support is provided when you need it by people you know and who know you.

If the time comes when greater care and support is required, an individualized care plan is developed in collaboration with you, your physician, family and our nursing staff.

Why Choose The Admiral at the Lake for Lifecare?

We Are Not For Profit

We are not driven by profit, but by purpose. The mission of our leadership and board of directors is to provide the best senior living experience possible while reinvesting in our residents. Unlike for profit senior care providers, The Admiral at the Lake is not incentivized to increase fees or modify services by external forces.

Staying Connected

Often if someone needs extra care, they suddenly find themselves a stranger in a new place at a time when they need love and support the most. We have Care & Support services in the same building. Knowing that if you need care, the same friends, neighbors, and people you’ve known for years are there for you is incredibly important. It ensures you’re living a connected life when it matters the most.

Lifecare is a Promise

If for reasons outside of their control a resident outlives their resources and is unable to pay their monthly service fee, their coverage continues. Our foundation covers their fees for as long as they need; they are always secure and their families will not be required to pay.

Purposeful Living

The term Independent Living sometimes gets a bad rap. That it’s a retreat or giving in to something. Nothing could be further from the truth. Independence is about freedom. The freedom to focus on your life, released from many of life’s competing priorities and hassles. Your time can be focused on the people and things you love.

A Complete Lifecare Plan Awaits

Ready to Learn More About Lifecare?

The Admiral at the Lake’s Residency Counselors are here to help with anything you need to know about Lifecare, residences and the senior living experience; start preparing for a stress-free future today.


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