Wait & Ready List

The Admiral at the Lake's wait and ready list provides exclusive opportunities and priority access to the residences you desire.

Plan Well to Live Well

The Admiral at the Lake’s wait and ready list is easy, obligation-free, and an introduction to community amenities and events. This exclusive waiting list allows you to meet residents, get to know the community better, and plan ahead for your future. Joining now is the best way to ensure that your preferred apartment style is secured for when you are ready to make the move, whether that’s 6 months or 5 years from now.

As a member of this list, you’ll be guided through the admission process based on your approximate planned date for moving and the apartment you desire. Learn more about our Wait & Ready List below or request more information from the residency counselors at The Admiral at the Lake.

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The Wait List

Everyone who submits an application to wait for an apartment is placed on the waitlist. When placed on the general waitlist you gain priority access to available apartments, but will not receive immediate updates when new apartments become available.

There is no minimum or maximum timeframe to stay on the general waitlist. As soon as you are ready to actively pursue your future home, contact a residency counselor to join the ready list.

The Ready List

The ready list is offered for prospective residents on the waitlist who are actively looking to move once their perfect residence becomes available. The difference between being on the waitlist and the ready list is the communication between The Admiral at the Lake and the prospective resident.

Once you fill out your ideal floor plan requirements, a member of The Admiral staff will reach out as soon as an apartment that meets your needs becomes available.

Benefits of Joining the Wait & Ready List

As a member of the Waiting List, you also gain advantages and community benefits. These community benefits include:

  • Invitations to Lifelong Learning opportunities,
  • Regular community updates
  • Exclusive events

How to Join the Wait List

If you’re ready to be a part of the Waiting List, here’s what you need to do:

  • Get in touch with our residency counselors to submit a Waiting List application. Questions asked will include:
    • What is the approximate year you might want to move to The Admiral?
    • What type and size of residence(s) interest you?
  • Pay the $1,250 priority deposit. (This deposit is refundable at any time or can be used toward the entry fee if you decide to move to The Admiral.)

Have more questions about how to join the Wait & Ready List?

To request more information on how to join, contact us now, and get in touch with our residency counselor, Grant Egan.