Senior Housing News spotlights The Admiral at the Lake’s Strategic Plan

June 24, 2019—The Admiral at the Lake’s strategic planning process is the focus of a feature article posted Friday, June 21, by Senior Housing News. Titled “High-Rise CCRC The Admiral Commits to Wellness, Tech in New Strategy,” the article includes a Q&A section with Admiral CEO Nadia Geigler.

“The plan addresses many of the trends and pain points that senior living communities are facing nationwide, including staffing challenges and tech investments,” the article notes. “Most importantly, it includes a commitment to fostering resident wellness through more proactive services, Admiral CEO Nadia Geigler told Senior Housing News.”

When asked how the strategic plan was developed, Nadia said: “It took the bulk of 2018. We had over 140 people — residents, management, board members and people from outside the organization — engaged in conversations about what we should be paying attention to, what are the dominant trends in senior living, what’s important to us, based on our values as an organization, what things should persist no matter what.”

The article also was published June 21 by Senior Housing News’ sister publication, Retirement Community Living.