Celebrating Post-COVID Normalcy at The Admiral at the Lake

Chicago’s own WBEZ radio station visited The Admiral at the Lake to see how our active senior living community is bouncing back after a year of isolation and lockdowns.

Since starting to administer vaccines in late December, The Admiral took all available precautions, slowly reopening health facilities and transitioning from drive-thru to in-person visitations from guests and family members.

Even though our residents and staff were among the prioritized groups to receive the vaccine first, for some, time away from their loved ones felt like a lifetime.

“This last 15 months has definitely impacted the way we view time and the way we view the future and the way we value the present, particularly the healthy present,” says resident Joan Bliss.

Despite the imposed restrictions, residents embraced new (and crafty) ways to stay connected with their neighbors—taking virtual workout classes and sneaking out to take walks along the lakefront.

Now, residents can have dinner with their friends, go on group outings and resume the activities they love.

Read the article from WBEZ and see how The Admiral is rejoicing in their post-pandemic freedom.