High-Rise CCRC Living: How Architecture Has Shaped Our Community

This month’s issue of The Anchor, The Admiral at the Lake’s monthly newsletter, features Abbie Fassnacht, President of the Admiral Residents Association, as she reflects on how high-rise living in a CCRC sets The Admiral at the Lake apart from many traditional retirement communities:


Does the design of our building influence the nature of our community? From time to time as The Admiral’s staff has expanded to meet the growing number of residents, I have heard comments that we are a different organization because we are Kendal’s first high-rise. Honestly, I didn’t think that a high-rise was inherently a different kind of CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community).


However, as daily living takes me about this high-rise home of ours, I have reconsidered the influence of architecture on the nature of development of our sense of community.


For example, there is now a sense of neighborhood on each floor that I hadn’t considered possible as a new resident. And while riding in or waiting for elevators, residents share conversations. As we make the vertical commutes to or from The Harbors, meals, mailboxes, cars, and buses we visit with one another, sharing our lives, our concerns and joys. This has created daily opportunities to build the strength of community that has bloomed so quickly in the nearly four years of The Admiral at the Lake.


Of course, Kendal’s “resident-driven” philosophy is the underlying catalyst in creating our village at The Admiral. In order to create activities and programs, we have had to get to know one another. All of this is reinforced by the architecture of the building. So, treasure those moments for conversation and sharing that our elevators offer us. Those moments have greater possibilities than we would have hurriedly passing one another on a walkway between cottages in a more conventional development.

— Abbie Fassnacht, President, Admiral Residents Association