Brain Training to Slow Mental Decline

We’ve all had those days where we have forgotten where we parked our car, put our keys in the refrigerator, or went looking for our phone that was in our…

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The Top 10 Myths About Retirement Communities

A retirement community is a place for active adults who are seeking things like exciting new friendships, stimulating educational opportunities and convenient lifestyles that help them thrive. However, if you…

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Quaker Values: Lifelong Learning in Chicago

Kendal, the not-for-profit parent company of The Admiral at the Lake, has been working to transform our culture’s view of the aging process since the 1970s. Although the Kendal System…

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4 Ways to Add the Benefits of Music to Your Life

Everyone loves music. Instinctively, we recognize its influence on us. When you listen to music, a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens triggers the release of dopamine, sometimes…

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Shrimp salad

7 Nutrition Tips Especially for Winter

Maintaining proper nutrition in winter is not always easy. Holiday treats, alcohol and comfort foods are readily available. And who feels like making a healthy salad when you can hear…

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Swim in Retirement

Is Functional Fitness Right for You?

Functional Fitness has become a buzzword in the fitness industry. However, the goals, exercises and results vary among users. What Is Functional Fitness? Simply put, Functional Fitness is training that…

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9 Fun Things to Enjoy Near The Admiral at the Lake

Though The Admiral at the Lake is known for its resident-directed programs for active seniors, not all fun area activities occur at The Admiral itself. While residents enjoy swim classes,…

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10 Myths About Senior Living Communities

Are you falling prey to these 10 myths about senior living communities? Senior living communities (SLCs) are for old people who can’t take care of themselves any longer If you…

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