Senior woman shaking handws with a financial advisor

Types of Life Plan Community Contracts

Learn about the types of CCRC contracts at a Lifecare Community like The Admiral at the Lake.

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Stress in Older Adults (and What To Do About It)

Feeling a little stressed? You should know you’re not alone. Many older adults experience periods of stress, especially when facing times of transition such as retirement or moving to a…

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Middle aged couple reading paper bills calculating pension using laptop at home.

How To Spend Without Worry in Retirement Through Lifecare

Discover how a Lifecare community can protect a senior’s nest egg and alleviate financial stress related to retirement spending.

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11 Fun Ideas for Decorating a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

Get simple ideas for how to decorate for a senior living downsize.

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Why you should retire near Andersonville, IL

Our historic neighborhood is alive with opportunities to make life more interesting. Learn why Andersonville is a great place to make the most of your retirement.

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Summer Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Mental stimulation is incredibly important to seniors, especially those who deal with memory loss or problem solving challenges as a result of dementia. Dementia has the ability to negatively interfere…

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Senior Activities in Chicago: What To Do Before October

Summertime in Chicago is an attraction in and of itself. For residents at The Admiral at the Lake, it’s a busy time of year. Every week, there are events, concerts…

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Tips for Financing Assisted Living

By 2050, over a fifth of the United States population will be 65 years or older. As the elderly population continues to grow, so does the need for high-quality assisted…

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The Admiral Events in Review

Events have looked a little different this year, but that hasn’t stopped The Admiral at the Lake from hosting some incredible virtual events this year. We’ve been honored to have…

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