Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community

If you’re considering a move to a senior living community in Chicago, there is much to consider. The tasks associated with moving can be a bit daunting. Keep in mind,…

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Retire in Style with These Senior Living Amenities

Retiring in style means choosing the life you want, but also a healthy life, a life in comfortable and beautiful surroundings, and a life that truly takes advantage of your…

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Senior Swimming

Older Adults Stay Healthier in Senior Living Communities

Seniors nearing retirement are faced with a number of decisions. What will the next phase of life look like? Will you continue to work? Will you choose to transition to…

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Top Senior Living Options in 2020

Today’s older adults have many options for senior living. Active adult, independent living, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities are among the best options available to people looking to…

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Finding the Right Senior Living Community for You

There’s an abundance of choices when it comes to senior living in Chicago. But all of these options can be a mixed bag when it comes to finding the perfect…

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Modern Senior Living Options - The Admiral at the Lake

Active Retirement: Modern Living Options for Seniors

Your generation is unlike any before. Today, people 55+ are in “better shape” than their predecessors in every way – they’re more financially stable, they are physically healthier and, for…

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Transition to Senior Living

Making the Transition to Senior Living

Are you ready for independent senior living? As this new stage in your life begins, The Admiral at the Lake believes that where you live matters. There are many factors…

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The Stars Have Aligned For Maria Sanchez

Dec. 10, 2018—When college student Maria Sanchez took a part-time job at The Admiral at the Lake to help pay for her education, you might say she hit the trifecta—tuition…

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Shrimp salad

7 Nutrition Tips Especially for Winter

Maintaining proper nutrition in winter is not always easy. Holiday treats, alcohol and comfort foods are readily available. And who feels like making a healthy salad when you can hear…

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