The Waiting List at The Admiral at the Lake:
Priority Access and Exclusive Opportunities

The Waiting List at The Admiral at the Lake is the best way to ensure securing your preferred apartment style when the timing is right for you.

What is the Waiting List?

As a member of The Admiral’s Waiting List, you have priority access, after our resident internal waiting list, to available apartments and extra opportunities to experience the lifestyle and community at The Admiral. The Waiting List is for those who know they want to make a move, but are either not ready quite yet, or have a strong preference of which apartment they would like to move into.

Waiting List members have the ability to choose specific apartments, floors, or views, and can change their preferences at any time.

What are the incentives for joining the Waiting List?

We offer several incentives for our Waiting List members, including:

  • Lifelong Learning: Meet residents who share the same passion for learning as you do at The Admiral’s Lifelong Learning courses.
  • Priority Access: Gain priority access to the apartment with the view, layout, and square footage you desire.

How do I join the Waiting List?

Persons wishing to join The Admiral’s Waiting List may do so by signing the Waiting List Agreement and paying the Waiting List Deposit Fee of $1,000, plus a non-refundable processing fee of $250.

The Admiral at the Lake Waiting List Agreement

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