Favorite Andersonville Restaurants in Edgewater near The Admiral at the Lake

Nestled within the popular Edgewater district, The Admiral at the Lake offers the perfect starting point for an unforgettable dining experience. Visitors and locals alike appreciate our proximity to North Clark Street or “Restaurant Row,” which is known for independent, locally-owned restaurants that serve a wide variety of global cuisines. Join us as we take you on a gastronomic journey to some of our favorite Andersonville restaurants.

The Waterfront at The Admiral at the Lake.

Brunch at The Waterfront at The Admiral at the Lake.

Eggs Benedict with Roasted Tomato Hollandaise, Apple Wood-Smoked Bacon & Maple Sausage, Potato Dauphinoise, Belgian Waffles, Huckleberry Syrup, Roasted Maple Leaf Farm Crispy Duck, Grilled Asparagus, Saffron Aioli, Carved Beef Sirloin, Smoked Salmon, Fresh Fruit Display, French Style Mini Pastries, Quinoa Salad with Wild Mushrooms, Thai Noodle Salad with Ahi Tuna

Jin Ju

5203 N. Clark Street

(773) 334-6377

On the corner of Foster Avenue and North Clark Street sits Jin Ju, a contemporary Korean restaurant with a romantic, candlelit setting. The spicy-savory flavors of a modern interpretation of traditional Korean fare is a welcome diversion from the standard Asian menu. Favorite dishes include: bi bim bap (rice topped with beef and vegetables and fried egg in a spicy red pepper sauce), pajun (scallion pancakes), and kalbi (sweet marinated beef short ribs).


5316 N. Clark Street

(773) 506-9990

Continuing up North Clark Street, you’ll find our favorite Italian restaurant, Anteprima. Here you can enjoy homestyle cooking featuring house-made pastas and a robust seasonal menu flavored with local and organic ingredients. Choose from more than 70 high-quality Italian wines to pair with your grilled octopus, brick-grilled chicken, or orecchiette with lamb sausage.

Big Jones

5347 N. Clark St

(773) 275-5725

Looking for some good ol’ Southern cooking? It’ll be coming right up at our next stop, Big Jones. When you visit, you may get the feeling that you are in the heart of New Orleans. A few of our favorites include: fried chicken, biscuits and debris gravy, cornbread muffins, crispy catfish, smoked and smothered pork shoulder, shrimp and grits, and braised rabbit and squash dumplings.


1475 W. Balmoral Ave

(773) 334-7168

As we head further north, we’ll pop over to Vincent, our cozy neighborhood bistro on West Balmoral. All with amazing presentation, several items on the menu that are not to be missed: quiche Lorraine, chicken sausage, mussels in green curry, French toast, big bistro burgers, bouillabaisse, and pork tenderloin.


5547 N. Clark Street

(773) 878-6886

Making our way back to North Clark Street, our next stop, Tanoshii, (which is Japanese for happy), is the place to go to satisfy a craving for fresh sushi. You could go and order from the menu, but regulars prefer to take a seat at the sushi bar and get a roll made to order. A few of the available ingredients include toasted oregano, truffle oil, balsamic distillations, slices of mango, and a spectrum of fresh fish.

m. henry

5707 N. Clark Street

(773) 561-1600

Our last stop is a favorite destination for local breakfast enthusiasts. m. henry serves breakfast all day long. Here you can enjoy fresh fruit salad, bacon wrapped baked eggs with polenta, roasted asparagus and prosciutto benedict, shallot and leek omelettes, fried egg sandwiches, omelets drizzled with adobo as well as freshly baked muffins, breads, and pastries from the m. henry bakery.

a map giving directions to our favorite destination for local breakfast enthusiasts

Well, there you have it, six of the best restaurants along North Clark Street.

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